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Dental Implants

Ten reasons why patients choose Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants work better than removable dentures
    Once the benefits of dental implants are fully understood, most patients replacing missing teeth choose them as their preferred treatment.
  • Dental Implants can help keep you looking young
    Dental Implants can help slow down changes in your face by replace missing structures.
  • Tooth replacement with dental implants
    Stop the bone loss that can lead to premature ageing. Does not damage adjacent teeth as a bridge will do.
  • No more gaps in your smile
    Enjoy that “Perfect Smile” in all your family photos.
  • Eat what you want!
    Dental Implants are anchored securely in your jaw so that you can comfortably eat all your favourite foods with neither pain nor worry.
  • Teeth that last a lifetime
    Around 93% of dental Implants are successful and they can last for 40 years.
  • Smile with confidence
    Feel comfortable eating, smiling and talking to other people.
  • Perfect match
    A Precise fit of the Implant and the crown or bridge will make it difficult to distinguish between implants and natural teeth.
  • Easier to speak
    Patients with removable dentures find it difficult to speak as they are bulky and move during speaking. Dental implants are fixed, more like real teeth and makes speaking much more natural.
  • All our patients tell us
    Dental Implants provide significant improvement in terms of quality of life and the feeling of well being.


A missing front tooth can be replaced with a denture, bridge or dental implant. One of the advantages of a dental implant is that it does not require the teeth either side of the space to be drilled down. It also stimulates and maintains the bone around it to give a very natural appearance. A dental implant is the only reliable, permanent solution to replace a missing tooth that also prevents further tooth loss.

Replacing front teeth is more complex than replacing back teeth because they are more visible. In order to achieve a cosmetically pleasing result we could make you a provisional tooth in order to ensure your happiness with the final result. We also use this to check that the implant tooth will fit comfortably into your bite.

Bone grafting for your dental implant

In order to allow the implant to be placed and to look better we may need to increase the amount of bone or gum using bone regression, bone grafting or soft tissue grafting. If this treatment is necessary, it will be discussed with you and explained in more detail at your consultation.

Full smile restoration

If you would like to enhance your smile through tooth whitening and by replacing old crowns, veneers or fillings, this is the ideal time to do so. You should speak to your dentist about this before you proceed with the implant. This ensures that we can achieve the best result for you in long term.

Understanding the costs

The cost of a single front tooth may be more expensive than a single back tooth due to the treatment being more complex, but by using provisional restorations and assessing your smile throughout we can achieve the best possible results.

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The initial consultation is an important stage in the dental implant process and allows us to provide an accurate, personalised treatment plan, options and the cost for replacing your missing tooth.

Multiple Dental Implants

Replace multiple teeth

An implant fixed bridge can be used to replace multiple missing teeth with fewer implants. This is possible through creating a bridge of three or more teeth that can then be fixed with two or more implants. It is also possible to create a bridge to replace two adjacent missing teeth with a single implant by fixing it to an implant on one side and an existing real tooth on the other.

Replace all teeth with a full arch bridge

If you are replacing all of the teeth in your lower jaw with a fixed bridge you will generally require  six  implants. If you need to replace all of the teeth in your upper jaw, between six to eight  implants may be required due to a lower bone density.

Same day implant fixed bridge

Through attentive planning and preparation, it is possible to place an implant crown or fixed bridge in a single day. A pre-made temporary bridge of teeth will be placed on the same day that you have your implants fitted. This is a popular option for people who want a seamless procedure.

Replace all top and / or bottom teeth

As few as two dental implants can be used to stabilise a denture in your upper or lower jaw. We have multiple solutions for fixing a denture to your upper or lower jaw including: locator attachment, telescoping attachments and retention bars. It is also possible to secure a full arch bridge using between four and eight implants – this is the optimum solution and removes the need for a denture.

Problems with dentures

If there are no teeth on your upper or lower jaw, one option for replacing the missing teeth is to wear a full denture. Many people find Dentures embarrassing; they can limit your lifestyle and social activities. They also affect the food you are able to chew comfortably such as crusty bread or apples, and many people find the limitations on their lifestyle hard to deal with. Dentures can lead to people avoiding social occasions or only able to allow themselves a certain amount of time before needing to reapply their denture adhesive.

The benefits of an implant fixed denture

Stabilising your denture, or fixing a permanent bridge to the implant will improve your confidence, chewing ability and also your general health. There are many scientific studies to show that people who are able to chew better break down their food better and gain more nutrients from their food. This improved their overall health and, in some cases, reduces the need for them to take drugs related to digestive disorders.

There are a range of options available to you, and we will help guide you to which solution best fits your situation and budget.

Implant Retained Dentures

Replace all top and/or bottom teeth

A popular and cost effective method of replacing all top and/or bottom teeth is to have a permanent or removable implant fixed denture. A denture can be fixed with as few as two dental implants which is significantly fewer than fixing a full arch.

Problem with traditional dentures

Denture wearers often suffer an impaired ability to chew certain tough or sticky foods, such as steak or toffee. Another common complaint is that they affect speech and can move around when talking or laughing.

Benefit of implant fixed dentures

Ability to chew – whether you opt for permanent or removable implant fixed dentures, you will still see and feel a significant improvement on denture stability enabling you to chew tough foods again.

Improved speech – dentures that are secured using implants will not move around when talking fast or laughing. Over time you will be able to adapt your speech to your new teeth and talk normally again without worrying about your denture slipping.

Confidence – a denture that is fixed using dental implants has no risk of jumping around in your mouth or falling out. You will never have to worry about a loose denture again.

Cost effective solution – compared to a full bridge, an implant fixed denture is extremely cost effective. Although an implant fixed bridge is seen as the ideal solution, an implant fixed denture requires significantly less dental implants.

Same Day Teeth

Get replacement teeth in a day with same day dental implants

We have the expertise and equipment required to be able to replace missing teeth in one day with dental implants and temporary crowns / bridges.

Walk away with perfect teeth in a day

Prior to coming in for your surgery, our dental team will have designed and prepared a temporary crown, bridge or denture. On the day of your surgery you will have your implants placed and temporary crown, temporary bridge or temporary denture fitted.

Instant relief with same day dental implants

The massive benefit of same day dental implants is that you no longer have to suffer discomfort and embarrassment. Following your treatment, you will be able to eat, smile and talk again with confidence.

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To determine whether same day teeth replacements are suitable for you we will need to assess your jaw and current teeth. Please book an appointment at Lee Dental and Implant Practice so that we can plan your replacement teeth in a day.

Implants Procedure

First Consultations
The Implant dentist will not conduct a full examination, but will take x rays and photos, talk through your general medical history and, from this, will be able to provide you with some general information about the different dental implant treatment options which may be suitable for you.
We will be able to fully talk through a proposed treatment plan and give you a more accurate breakdown of costs which will be emailed to you so more time and consideration is given.

Planning and Discussion
Once you have had a chance to fully digest the proposed dental treatment options and have decided to go ahead with treatment, you will return to the practice for a CT scan (3D) and have molds taken of your mouth. From this, we will be able to show you a mock-up of the end result we believe we can achieve for you. This would also be the time when we would talk through any other functional or cosmetic treatments you may require on any of your other existing teeth. We will also talk through timings and schedule for your treatment to suit you

Dental Implant Surgery
During surgery, you will be given a local anaesthetic (unless sedation is specifically requested or deemed necessary) and place the implants . This will take place under sterile conditions in  our treatment room. 

Uncovering the Implant
After the bone has totally healed, generally 3 months, you will return to our surgery. At this stage, we will uncover the implant, a simple surgical procedure under local anaesthetic, and a metallic dome called a healing cap will be fitted. The final few steps to new teeth We will wait a couple of weeks for the gum to heal around the healing cap and will then bring you back in to take impressions and within a couple of weeks, you will be fitted with your new teeth!

Review and Aftercare
Two weeks after fitting you with your new teeth, we will review how you are getting on and make any adjustments if necessary. We will then see you for regular check-ups over the coming year.

All on 4 Treatment

What does All-on-4 treatment involve?

With the All-on-4 system four titanium dental implants are used as a foundation for a full arch of teeth. Only four dental implants are needed due to the unique positioning of the dental implants; the implants at the front of the mouth are placed at the normal angle of ninety degrees, while the implants at the back of the mouth are fit at a forty-five degree angle. This creates an effective stabilising effect. New teeth such as dentures or bridges can then be attached to the dental implants.

Dental implants and denture stabilisation

For a high level of denture stabilisation we offer the Locator system. This uses two to six abutment posts that are inserted into empty tooth root pockets and provide a great level of denture stability. These posts rise few mm out of the gum pockets and will attach dentures firmly in place. This ensures proper stability to prevent denture slippage, speech problems and discomfort. The Locator system can be used to help patients with loose dentures, failing crown or bridgework and patients with gum disease or bone loss.


Where can I get this treatment?

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